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April Focus & Specials

 Happy Spring Everyone!

With Spring often comes seasonal allergies and spring cleaning.

We have solutions for both.

For allergies, there are many things you can do to alleviate them naturally. Often, the cause of severe allergies is a lowered immune system. Build your immune system up and utilize the natural antihistamine, Alfalfa along with other immune boosting products and you can get some relief without the side effects medications give you.

“But I’m allergic to grasses and alfalfa! How can taking alfalfa help me with my allergies?!”

Good question.

I’ve known many people who were allergic to the alfalfa grasses, but found great relief from taking Shaklee’s alfalfa tabs that actually do work as a natural antihistamine.

We can discuss your specific concerns more in depth on the phone or in person if you would like. Just click "Contact Us" up top for an appointment.

Another thing that is a huge contributor to allergies and asthma, especially in children, are the products you use to clean your home and launder your clothes.

Shaklee provides safer alternatives that work as well and often even better than the common toxic brands. Plus, since they are so super concentrated, they are actually cheaper to use!

 Free Shipping & $$$ Money Back Offers!


 This month, Shaklee is offering you free shipping off of your entire order when you include one of our Get Clean Starter Kits.

#50456, #50457 (Fragrance Free) or #89460 (Best Sellers Success Pack)


PLUS, to celebrate Earth day, Shaklee will plant one tree in your honor for every Get Clean Starter Kit purchased. 

You’ll be making a positive impact to the planet and keeping some green in your pocket at the same time!


To sweetin’ the pot, I am also offering a $10 cash back for every Get Clean Starter Kit purchased!

This offer comes directly from me and orders must be placed through my site only:  ToBeHealthy.MyShaklee.com


These offers end April 30, 2018


I am also offering a special on our Allergy Buster Product Packs. These products have helped others get allergy relief naturally.

Buy any pack with the combination of products listed and receive $5 Cash Back!


Allergy Pack #1 – Good:

Alfalfa #20153 - $16.45 + Vita-Lea multi-vitamin (with iron #21296 or without iron #21295) $18.95


Allergy Pack #2 – Better:

Alfalfa #20153 - $16.45 + Vita-Lea multi-vitamin (with iron #21296 or without iron #21295) - $18.95 + Nutriferon #20962 - $39.00


Allergy Pack #3 – Best:

Alfalfa #20153 - $16.45 + Vita-Lea multi-vitamin (with iron #21296 or without iron #21295)) - $18.95 + Nutriferon #20962 - $39.00 + Optiflora Probiotic Complex #20639 - $19.10


We can't say we can cure your allergies, but many have found great relief when they build their immune system up and these products have worked for many. 


This offer comes directly from me and orders must be placed through my site only: ToBeHealthy.MyShaklee.com


These offers end April 30, 2018


Those are the sales for April and I hope you’ll take advantage of the savings!

Please share these offers with someone you know so they can benefit, too!

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Just be sure & tell us who you referred!


We wish you all a happy & healthy Spring!



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